South Dakota

Dempsey is HOME!!!!
Dempsey is HOME!
Charlie missing in Dallas, Texas
Missing in Dallas, Texas
Mae is missing in Buda, Texas
Mae missing in Buda, TX.
Zoe is HOME!!!
Nine days roaming... Zoe is home!



The Missing Pet Professionals below are available to assist in this state.

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K9 Profiling... the fastest way to FOUND! Click here for specialists in lost dog behaviour and recovery
Click here for professionals trained in LOST cat  Behaviour




 Search tips & techniques


Voicemail Script for your missing pet

How to take a sighting... The Call & Lead Journal form

Myths & Methods, Tips & Techniques



Pet Amberalert... NATIONwide

Alert your neighbors and community... Order a Missing Pet AmberAlert

Lost Pet FInder

Find Your Lost Pet Now!


Craigslist Lost & Found



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Lost PET Internet Registries

Missing Pet Registry



Fido Finder

Lost Dog database - FidoFINDER

Tabby tracker

Lost Cat database - Tabby Tracker

Lost & Found

Find Fido

Lost & Pound


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Shelter Links


PetHarbor.com - Shelter database and search engine




The following lost pet service providers and products are available in this state to help you with the search for your missing pet.



a href="http://www.petamberalert.com/partner/idevaffiliate.php?id=141_0_1_9" target="_blank">Lost Dog Finder

Over 90% of all missing pets are recovered due to leads, sightings and clues provided by citizens of the community. 
Pet AmberAlert broadcasts notify the community of your missing pet's situation and then helps keep that awareness in the public  eye.

Find Your Lost Pet Now!

Snoopy was recovered by a citizen who decided to keep him.

Professional signage makes the difference between lost and....FOUND!

Ready for pick up... NATIONWIDE... in 4 hours or less!

The professional signs you did for us was the YELLOW BRICK ROAD that helped Snoopy find his way home. Without them we would probably never have seen him again and our family would have never recovered from his loss.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Happily Ever After, The Mckovich Family. Las Vegas, NV

Click here ...Professional signage available anywhere in the U.S.in 4 hours or less!

Linda Callaway assists cat owners NAITONWIDE

Feline Profiling is used to determine the most likely actions a missing or lost cat may pursue...

based on behavior, missing event and environment. It can also deduce the likelihood of the individual cat being recovered by a citizen as well as the nuances, location and recovery techniques necessary to find and recover the missing feline.

Click here... Information on HOW to FIND a lost dog

A complete and easy to use system... and best of all...it's QUICK!!!

 Online step by step strategy created by America's leading expert on missing and lost dogs based on the unique situation your missing dog is experiencing. The scenarios, actions and activities are based on:

Your dog's Individual profile
The Escape or Missing Event
The environment where your dog went missing

Easy to use...point and clink hyperlinks navigation. Detailed instructions complete with photographs.  Click here... Missing Dog Resource Center

Missing Dog Resource Center



 Private Investigator Karin TarQwyn has pioneered the process and techniques...

 for the off site recovery of missing and lost dogs. It is the fastest and most effective recovery technique available for most missing dog situations. It is the first strategy pursued in most missing dog cases. Affordable, effective... and very successful!

P.I. Karin TarQwyn... click here

Click here to email missing dog specialist... P.I. Karin TarQwyn


Click here to learn how to become involved in the missing pet industry

It's not really a J-O-B... it's a passion. 

If you like to help others... love animals and are looking for a passionate change of pace...

We are looking for dedicated professionals... pioneers willing to help build an industry one professional at a time.

Check out Pet Detective U...

All the way to found!